Advanced Diploma In Accounting

Syllabus Synopsis

Level 1

Accounting I - Business Organisation - Bookkeeping - Economics for Business- Computer Appreciation and Applications.

Level 2

Accounting II - Numeracy & Statistics - Legal Framework - Cost Accounting - Management Theory and Practice.

Level 3

Accounting III - Auditing - Taxation - Business Finance - Business Strategy & Planning

Information Update

Revised Syllabus - Advanced Diploma in Accounting (ADA)

The Council advises that with effect from the February 2011 examination diet, the ADA Level 3 combined units of Auditing and Taxation will be examined as two separate modules. There will now be 15 modules for the ADA qualification.

Examination resit and deferred candidates for these modules may contact the Registrar to find out about transitional arrangements. As of the June 2011, it will be mandatory to sit for the Auditing and Taxation papers in two distinct examinations.

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